Our Specialists

Dr. Scott Russell - Podiatry

Dr. Russell is a long time Podiatrist and a wonderful addition to the Care First Medical Team. If you are having foot problems Dr. Russell is the one to see. Get your family doctor to send us a referral and you will be walking better in no time.

Dr. Monty Ghosh - Internal Medicine

Dr. Ghosh is a caring Internist. He takes care of everything inside, makes sure you are medically fit for surgery and helps get a handle on many medical conditions. All you need to do to book and appointment with him is have your doctor send us a referral.

Respitory Home Care Solutions

Respitory Home Care Solutions is a great asset to Care First Medical. Do you wake up in the morning just as tired as you went to bed? Call Respitory Home Care Solutions to arrange a sleep study and find out if you have sleep apnea. Is your partner telling you you snore too much and keep them awake at night? Time to have a visit with this amazing team.

Sandstone Pharmacy

Do you need to fill your prescriptions? Sandstone Pharmacy is attached to Care First Medical. No need to even walk outside which we all know is preferable in the cold winter weather when your not feeling well. This talented, friendly team can help you with all your prescription questions. 

Be sure to book your flu shot with Care First Medical each fall for Sandstone Pharmacy's administering pharmacist to  reserve your flu shot for you. No waiting in long line ups.

Revital Health Physiotherapy

Revital Health Physiotherapy has made the move into Care First Medical.

They are now accepting new patients.

They are an amazing organisation here are a list of their expertise

- Physical therapy

- Acupuncture

- Trigger Point Dry Needling

- Pre employment services



- Massage

and much more!