Our Services

GET YOUR ANNUAL PHYSICAL:  Make sure you get your annual physical. Your doctor builds a personal medical profile for you so there are comparables to detect if there have been any small changes in your health over the past. By keeping your yearly physical current, these small changes can be managed before they become major health problems in most cases.  Just like taking your car in for its winter inspection.     

The new COMPLEX CARE PROGRAM sanctioned by Alberta Health is a great way to manage Complex Medical problems. A once a year visit for those who have three or more complex problems can help us to help you keep on track to hopefully minimize even greater problems as we grow older.

CARE FIRST MEDICAL CENTER has a small surgery room right in the clinic. We can do small scale surgery like  stitches, small biopsies, dressing changes, mole removals, and caring for your wounds.       

NEED A SPECIALIST? As medicine is not an exact science, sometimes we need to refer you to a Specialist. We have an experienced referral specialist on our team. Referrals are sent promptly so that you get the best quality care in the timeliest manner possible.  

SPECIALISTS CURRENTLY ON STAFF: Internal Medicine, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Botox for Migraines and Hyper Hidrosis, Dermatology.

TIME FOR THE DREADED DRIVERS MEDICAL? We can help you with that. As this is not covered by Alberta Health Care there is a fee charged.      

We have our own ON SITE Pharmacy. Sandstone Pharmacy has a great staff. Always friendly and prompt service.